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Beautiful colour at Virginia Water

Gallery: Scenic Nature

Nature at its best.

Sign pointing to Carnaby Street.

Gallery: Around London

Carnaby Street is not the only thing to see in London.  

Carved figure of a monk pouring beer from a barrel.

Gallery: London Signs

London is full of pubs signs, theatre signs and many other kinds.

Penny Halpin Art

********** Artist Penny Halpin is building a brand new website to showcase her work. In the meantime you can look for Pennyhalpinart on Instagram.

Red Flowers at Kew Gardens.

Gallery: Kew Gardens visit.

Every year Kew Gardens put on an Orchid Festival.

Mike Halpin’s site for photography and art.

********* This site is still under development while the author figures out how to use WordPress properly. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram under the…