In the Boatyard

The Grand Union Canal near Brentford still has a boatyard where boats are repaired.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Seen from across the river on a winter day when the sun broke through dark clouds.

Docklands Yellow

The sun was shining at just the right angle to catch these reflections. . . .

Custom House, City of London

Taken from the South Bank of the Thames early one Saturday morning just as the sun came out after rain.

20 Fenchurch Street

Walking along the south bank in London, I could see buildings on the opposite bank reflected in a window.

Waterlilys at Kew Gardens

Taken in the waterlily house at Kew.

Reflection at Windsor

Taken at one of my favourite places.

** Reflections

My interest in abstract photography by way of reflections continues. Sometimes the reflections are in windows or the sides of large glass fronted buildings or maybe in water….

Wild Orchid

Early Purple orchid growing near the village of Selborne in Hampshire.

Queen’s Garden Gate

This is the gate from Windsor Castle through to Windsor Great Park.