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So vast is art , so narrow human wit.

Alexander Pope

Daffodil Sketch

Watercolour by Penny Halpin

Cluster of hanging Orchids.

Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

Every year Kew Gardens puts on an orchid festival.


Beautiful Bromeliad

Photographed on a visit to Kew Gardens.

The London Eye seen one afternoon.

The London Eye

View from the opposite side of the Thames in London not far from the Tate Britain.

Anyone for fish and chips?

This mobile chippy is usual found on London’s south bank near the South Bank Centre.

Colour in Windsor Great Park

Beautiful scenery near Saville Garden.

Cheshire Cheese pub sign

London Signs

There has been a pub on this site in Fleet Street since 1538.

Sparkling reflections seen in the Thames at Windsor

The Thames at Windsor

Beautiful reflections on a bright sunny day.

Red Flowers at Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens visit.

There are always beautiful plants at Kew.