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Changing of the Guard

Not Buckingham Palace this time. These troops are outside Windsor Castle.

London Reflections

The streets near the Tower of London offer beautiful reflections when the light is right.

Near Camden Market

Walking along Regent’s Canal on our way to Camden we saw this bright graffiti reflected in the water.

The Thames at Brentford

One of my favourite stretches of the river Thames.

Distant London Bus

Walking along the north bank of the Thames, I nearly missed the bus.

View of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and the London Assembly dramatically framed by tall buildings.

Sun in Regents Park

On a cold grey day in London, suddenly the sun came out.

Trees At Fontainebleau

Watercolour by Penny Halpin

Daffodil Sketch

Watercolour by Penny Halpin

Cluster of hanging Orchids.

Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

Every year Kew Gardens puts on an orchid festival.